1Life recovery mastermind

The 1Life Recovery ROADMAP & Mastermind is a program created to inspire and guide individuals to create and accelerate their vision, purpose, and financial ability, to fund their 1Life Fully Lived.

The program has been designed for you to build a genuine connection to a community of heart-centered high achievers. Working together you will develop your individual WHY, set and achieve goals, hold yourself and others accountable, and become a role model for others.

Using the 1Life CORE4

  • Vision Planning

  • Relationships

  • Finances

  • Wellness

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 Meet the team!

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Sterling: In and out of jail, prison, rehabs, and treatment centers for over a decade, Sterling found himself in the hospital from an Overdose. He managed to stay sober for a few months and while listening to the first podcast that could hold his attention, he heard about 1LIFE FULLY LIVED. After starting the online Roadmap and creating his MAGNIFICENT FUTURE VISION something had happened. For the first time he felt that an amazing life was possible for himself and his family. Inspired and motivated by the newly developing HOPE and SELF WORTH he started to learn anything that could change his financial situation and improve the quality of life for his family and himself. In Less Than 1 Year Sterling dramatically changed the trajectory of his life. From a Renter to a Landlord and property manager of a 4 unit, then bought and rehabbed his own home for his family while gaining $70k in equity. Created multiple streams of passive income while decreasing his cost of living.


Amber: After being broke and struggling with alcohol addiction, self proclaimed former train-wreck Amber Miller is showing people that if she can get her shit together, then anyone can! Through self development with a little swearing, she has stepped into her calling as a high-level transformational coach and founded  A Life Not Wasted, a judgement free group that empowers women to find their worth and make fearless change to conquer their dreams. Amber is also a certified Roadmap Expert for the non-profit 1 Life Fully Lived community. Amber wants to raise the vibration of the world by using her light and laughter to show people that they are capable of more than they ever imagined.

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