Sterling's words:

"ROADMAP gave me my WHY. I knew this was powerful stuff when I couldn't hold back the tears writing my magnificent future vision. Something clicked and for the first time in years of trying, I finally felt worthy of having a great life. I want to give my best to get this ROADMAP in the hands of all who need it and those who don't know they do. I have never been part of a program or methodology that doesn't just rely on one pillar or ideology, This is an all-encompassing map that I believe if you follow and apply will get you to a Life Fully Lived.

For years I have thought the addiction recovery scene lacked how to truly live. To me just staying sober wasn't enough. Now what? Drugs aren't the issue, they're a symptom. My life always lacked purpose. I never knew how I could escape poverty and not work my hands to the bone until I died poor and left my children to find their own way out. I Never had Hope.

This community gives hope. Not B.S. promises or faith that one-day things will work out. If you follow the clear directions in the ROADMAP, strive daily for your vision, take action, take charge of your finances, build relationships, take care of yourself so you can take care of others, and give back, your life will change. I have been trying for 6 years to stay sober and enjoy life and have failed consistently. My life has changed drastically in less than 5 months with the ROADMAP. I have positively affected multiple lives already just from me changing.

The value the ROADMAP brings to the world is just that, changing lives for the better that continue to change the lives of others for the better. I believe you are the average of the people you associate with and I think the ROADMAP can increase the average of the world."

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