Real Estate specifically multifamily has changed my life. 3 years ago I was homeless, addicted and lost. 18 months ago I had no assets and negative $8k Net-worth. Through education, a partnership and sweat equity I acquired 30% equity in a 4 unit multifamily dwelling that pays me every month. I educated myself on my partners Self Directed IRA strategy and discovered he could make interest Tax Free! Using this knowledge I proposed a Win-Win scenario to take out a loan with him against my equity in our property (using my equity as collateral) to free up capital that otherwise wouldn't be very useful in this stage of my investing.
       I then purchased our first home and am in the process of a complete remodel. By doing this I will have turned $40K into $120K. $20K purchase price and $20K materials and minor labor with an ARV (after repair value) of $120K! Now I can take a loan against the house (asset) and buy my own multifamily properties.
     My partner and I now own 6 more units and are building the relationships necessary with our local bank to use good debt to our advantage to continue to grow our horizontal income and net worth. The goal will be to leverage my portfolio to get into Commercial Multifamily and grow Exponentially!